Blue Irises

Small Cards

(10.5cm x 15cm - folded twice)

These cards are designed like "notelets" so can be used for an ordinary card for any occasion as they are all blank inside. They can also be used for a longer letter by opening them up and even be put through a printer if you want to write that way! Individually wrapped with envelope.

Clematis Beauty

Large Cards

(15cm x 21cm - folded once)

These are also blank inside so are suitable for any occasion. Special requests can be met such as "Golden Wedding", "Thinking of you" etc. Individually wrapped with envelope.



(10.5cm x 15cm)

These make ideal quick "thank you" notes! Each postcard is individually wrapped with envelope. They can also be bought in packs of 4, 6, & 8 of mixed designs either of your choice or mine.

The Refiners Fire

Inspirational Cards

(10.5cm x 15cm or 15cm x 21cm)

Wherever I go, I search out inspirational sayings to turn into postcards. These make ideal additions to a "Get well" card or "Thinking of you" etc. Most of them are based on my Christian faith. They can be laminated for a longer life.